About Quicksilver Concierge

Quicksilver Concierge and Errand Service is defined by service, attentiveness, flexibility, integrity, resourcefulness, and creativity. QCS understands first-hand the dilemmas of busy professionals and the modern-day overextended life. QCS is differentiated by service: we aim to meet clients' needs, and exceed them, at every interaction. Our staff are intelligent customer service professionals who can "think outside the box" on your behalf. We will build a relationship enabling you to trust QCS to manage all of your tasks and projects from start to finish. And, we will get to know you in such a way that we can anticipate your needs and tailor services to your personal preferences. Equally as important as our exacting attention to detail is the commitment to making you happy and getting it right the first time.

Our services help clients manage all areas of their lives. The realities of work and home life often do not leave time left over for leisure, relaxation, or fun. QCS' purpose is to take care of the necessary and practical, even the mundane, such that you–the client–can get on with living your life as you wish.

QCS prides itself on individually tailoring our services to each of our clients. You won't have to choose from a few "plans," and you won't feel like we're trying to fit you into a category or box. Instead, whether you're an individual or a corporation, we'll design our services in a way that suits you and your needs perfectly.

QCS clients are the busiest people around: executives, new moms, working families and couples, single parents, frequent travelers. They love the service QCS provides and value the relationship that they have with us, as we become an indispensable member of their team.

"After my kitchen remodel was completed in 2005, I decided to enlist Quicksilver`s help in sorting out the heap of old kitchen stuff in my garage. I was amazed at Ellen`s efficiency and tactfulness in teaching me how to get rid of things I never used and didn`t need. The assistance she provided in making trips to Goodwill and buying new items for the kitchen was invaluable. We moved from kitchen, to garage, to clothes closets and finally my real estate office. Before I knew it Ellen had "organized" my world!
I quickly realized that Ellen`s level of competence extended way beyond organization skills and hired her on a monthly basis to assist in my real estate office as well as my personal life. She is proficient at researching any subject and provides so much information that I don`t know what I did without her!
Quicksilver`s motto of "Reclaim your leisure time, Rebalance your life" is right on. My business is running more efficiently and I have more time to do the things I enjoy. Thank you, Ellen."

Janet Strangis
Strangis Properties, San Jose, CA
July, 2007
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