Corporate Concierge Services

The single most important asset to any company is people. Work/life balance has become a key issue affecting every employer and their employees. If you are like most executives we have met, chances are you are continually looking for new ways to improve the output of your workforce.

QCS corporate concierge services build genuine commitment among staff, one which they understand and appreciate. We offer your employees a benefit so powerful that it will allow you and them to be more productive and will increase your bottom line at the same time. Whether your priority is for improved morale, or you want to reward high performers, or you aim to be considered the employer of choice in your area, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Because no two companies are alike, QCS will work with you to customize a corporate concierge program. By eliminating worries about making travel plans, finding tickets to a sporting event, or choosing that special gift, QCS is at your employees' serviceā€¦.so they can concentrate on work.

QCS will be able to meet hundreds of personal and business needs for your employees, such as:

  • Entertainment: reservations, tickets, recommendations, tee times
  • Household: scheduling home repairs; research, screen, and coordinate providers for cleaning, landscaping, repair, etc.
  • Travel: researching destinations, booking reservations, travel security assistance
  • Personal services: errand running, Forget Me Not reminder service, appointment making, gift shopping, gift baskets and flowers, virtual assistance
QCS is also available to assist you with your corporate needs, such as:
  • coordinating VIP guest services and arrangements
  • corporate events (holiday parties, summer BBQ, management meetings)
  • corporate gifts
  • promotional and incentive materials
  • support for relocating staff
Unlike some other concierge companies, QCS does not simply offer a few "plans" from which your company must choose. Instead, we recognize that every company is different, and will work closely with you to customize a program that suits your needs exactly.
  • QCS delivers services via email, telephone, or in person, providing both onsite and offsite/virtual support to companies nationwide.
  • Top tier clients can opt to receive a dedicated website for your employees, as well as a quarterly newsletter created especially for your company, highlighting exclusive offers, dining options, calendar of events, etc.
  • QCS tracks employee utilization of our service and provides a monthly report.
You know how important productivity is to your business. You also know that an employee who worries about personal matters on company time wastes valuable moments which can translate into business dollars lost. Imagine your employees' delight as we personally cater to their every need. Our warm, enthusiastic service will quickly become indispensable to them and to you. We look forward to discussing how we can customize our services to best benefit your company.
"I cannot say enough about Susan Latin, my QCS Representative. Honestly, there isn`t anything that this dynamic woman can`t do! She has quickly become indispensable. She grocery shops, picks up prescriptions, does store returns, buys birthday gifts, takes the dogs to the vet, takes our cars in for service, watches our home, dogs and plants while we`re away, and manages home repair and construction projects. At this point, Susan knows my home service vendors better than I do! Because of Susan my home runs like a well oiled machine - and so does my business!"
Kim Fulcher, Encinitas, CA
President and CEO
Compass Life and Business Designs
San Jose, CA June, 2007
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