Quicksilver Concierge Founder Receives Certification

Quicksilver Concierge Founder and President Ellen Lovelace has achieved the status of Certified Concierge Specialist from the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association. Certification recognizes those individuals who set the professional and ethical standards for our industry. Stringent requirements for certification mean that Ellen is one of only 12 concierges nationwide who have qualified for the designation.


Quicksilver Concierge in the News

Quicksilver Concierge President radio interview on KLIV 1590AM
Broadcast- Dec 6, 2006
Quicksilver Concierge President radio interview on KNLV 1590AM

"Quicksilver Concierge President and Vice President television interview on 'Strategies for Real Estate.'"
Show #43 - Taped: July 17, 2006

Fall 2005 - Page 102 - Vitals Man
100 Services for the Uber-Lazy Man. Too Lazy To...
#46 - Arrange for a Tee Time... Call San Jose's Quicksilver Concierge and Errand Service, which maintains a real-time database of public and private golf course booking in 33 cities.

Thursday, August 26, 2004 - Almaden Resident
Local concierge service inks deal to work with professional athletes
San Jose's Quicksilver Concierge and Errand Service announced that it has been named the Northern California concierge service for Xtreme Professional Athletic Concierge Services.
"I'm really excited to have been named the concierge service for Northern California," says Quicksilver owner and operator Ellen Lovelace. "It really makes me feel good that they selected me. They are interested in providing over-the-top service and that's in keeping with our goals."
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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Quicksilver Concierge Selected To Join Worldwide Sports Concierge Network
Everyday, athletes are looking for help not in the arena, stadium, or ballpark, but in managing and simplifying their lives. The career demands on an athlete have never been greater, and with an average salary of $2M per year for the top 3,500 athletes, the rewards of professional athletics have reached record levels. The number of required resources by professionals in the athletic careers has grown dramatically over the past decade: year-round training, nutritionists, and sports psychologists, to name a few.
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Thursday, June 3, 2004 - Almaden Resident
Costco expo gives local business exposure, raises charitable funds
Let Me Do That for You: Quicksilver Concierge owner Ellen Lovelace ran a booth at the Costco business expo showing how busy people can 'reclaim their leisure time.' The concierge business provides full-service event planning and errand running.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2004 - Los Gatos Daily News - Town Talk Los Gatos
Let Quicksilver Concierge and Errand Service help you "Reclaim Your Leisure Time and Rebalance Your Life!" Ellen Lovelace, president of QCS created this unique company to help busy individuals such as executives, working families, new moms, single parents and even frequent travelers get the most out of each day!
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In the new millennium, people are working harder than ever before, and have less time to spend on themselves and with their families.
  • According to a recent study of the US work force by the Families and Work Institute, the average worker spends 44 hours per week on the job.
  • 36% of workers say they often feel completely used up at the end of the workday.
  • 78% of married workers have spouses who are also employed. 75% of those couples have both partners working full time.
  • 70% of all parents feel they don't spend enough time with their children.
  • Married fathers spend only 1.2 hours a day engaged in free time personal activities on workdays; married mothers, 0.9 hours a day.
Clearly, today's working couples have less time for their lives off the job.
  • A study by The Economic Policy Institute finds that, compared to 1969, we are spending an extra month a year working and commuting.
  • In a given three month period, nearly 25% of workers will have felt stressed out often or very often, and the same amount will have felt emotionally drained after work.

The growing popularity of concierge services stems from the fact that people are overworked and need help handling daily life. Busy people want to be able to spend their free time with their loved ones, or taking care of themselves. They don't want to be forced to spend that time running errands.


  • Just wanted to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding run smoothly and be such a success. Without you I would not have been able to relax and enjoy the event. I knew I could trust you to take care of all the little details so that I wouldn't have to worry about them. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again for everything!
    Sara and Matt, Mountain View, August, 2009
  • After my kitchen remodel was completed in 2005, I decided to enlist Quicksilver’s help in sorting out the heap of old kitchen stuff in my garage. I was amazed at Ellen’s efficiency and tactfulness in teaching me how to get rid of things I never used and didn’t need. The assistance she provided in making trips to Goodwill and buying new items for the kitchen was invaluable. We moved from kitchen, to garage, to clothes closets and finally my real estate office. Before I knew it Ellen had “organized” my world! I quickly realized that Ellen’s level of competence extended way beyond organization skills and hired her on a monthly basis to assist in my real estate office as well as my personal life. She is proficient at researching any subject and provides so much information that I don’t know what I did without her! Quicksilver’s motto of “Reclaim your leisure time, Rebalance your life” is right on. My business is running more efficiently and I have more time to do the things I enjoy. Thank you, Ellen.
    Janet Strangis Strangis Properties, San Jose, CA July, 2007
  • "I cannot say enough about Susan Latin, my QCS Representative. Honestly, there isn't anything that this dynamic woman can't do! She has quickly become indispensable. She grocery shops, picks up prescriptions, does store returns, buys birthday gifts, takes the dogs to the vet, takes our cars in for service, watches our home, dogs and plants while we're away, and manages home repair and construction projects. At this point, Susan knows my home service vendors better than I do! Because of Susan my home runs like a well oiled machine - and so does my business!"
    Kim Fulcher
    President and CEO Compass Life and Business Designs
    San Jose, CA
  • I turn to Quicksilver Concierge whenever I'm stumped on gift ideas for my family. They always figure out just the perfect item, have it wrapped beautifully, and delivered on time. One prime example was Valentine's Day, when their newsletter suggested the perfect gift for my "chocoholic wife". The chocolate-filled spa basket contained all of the pleasures of chocolate without any of the calories. It made me look like a genius, and I never even had to leave my office to get my shopping done.
    Dr. Joel K., Encinitas, CA June, 2007
  • "Susan at QCS has helped me spend more time with my 2-year old, and grow my small business, by taking a bunch of weekly tasks off my to-do list. She picks up our dry cleaning, re-stocks our groceries and paper products, and organizes closets and our garage. She also finds other people to help me -- like a pet sitter and a handyman -- and comes up with solutions to random problems -- like how to keep algae out of my garden fountain. If you want to spend time enjoying your family and helping your clients instead of running miscellaneous errands, hire QCS!"
    Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, CFP(r), JD
    San Jose, CA
  • "I've been working with Ellen since about April of 2006 and she is fabulous. Ellen has handled everything from sourcing cars for us to purchase to planning large parties. She has done travel research for family vacations and carried through with booking everything from airfare to restaurant reservations at our destination. Ellen is responsive, responsible, professional, diligent and lovely to work with. I have absolutely no hesitation is recommending her to friends, which I do on a regular basis. Try her, you'll love her."
    Lorna B, Los Gatos, October 2006
  • "I want to thank both of you for making this happen. Selling my car was one of those things I just did not have the bandwidth for, and once I handed it off to you I never worried about it. It is great working with you!"
    Karen M., San Jose, October 2006
  • "You both were phenomenal in your regularly scheduled workload, and you excelled in your abilities to manage crisis, pressure, and "curveballs". I am very aware how lucky we were to have you as part of Trace's Bar Mitzvah team, and even more aware of how my dream and vision for the event only became a reality thanks to you. If you ever need a reference, a testimonial, a write-up, or anything else that can further your business potential....do not hesitate to ask. I will also look for opportunities to mention your services any time a potential match is in sight....as well as using you both again myself. Both of you bring so many rich characteristics to the table......your intellect, intuition, confidence, and candor is so refreshing. Your commitment and follow-through is downright outstanding. Your overall performance in every task turned out to be stellar, and all delivered with total compassion and humility. I just can't thank you enough."
    With love and gratitude,
    Linzi L. Pleasanton, CA September 2006
  • "I was in a real bind and needed to get caught up on data entry. Then lo and behold I won 2 hours of free service from Quicksilver Concierge. One of the team members, Susan, came to my home and entered a ton of data for me. She also helped me figure out which software program to use and how to transfer to Word so I can print labels. In some ways I am back in the dark ages with computers. While she was using my laptop I found time to clear out some files and make room for more files. It was a great help! Thanks Susan! Susan was very personable and professional. I recommend her for any backlog of work you need done. They do almost any type of work."
    Maggie, San Jose
  • "Thanks SO MUCH for all your help. The pictures are wonderful... You guys did a very nice job of wrapping this gift and getting it over to our grandkids. We will think of you next time we need assistance in the Bay area and gladly recommend you to our friends. Have a wonderful Christmas"
    Jim B., Boise, Idaho
  • "Thanks so much for all of your help with the G's residence. You worked miracles and we really appreciate it!"
    Dan and Mary Ann Pearson
    Intero Real Estate, Gilroy
  • "I've used QCS approximately 10-12 times in the past year -- primarily for pet care and errand services. I've been extremely satisfied with their quality and professionalism. I have absolutely no complaints or regrets and would not hesitate at all to recommend them to my family and friends. I can say that it is great to "delegate" your personal tasks to someone else so that you can spend your free time doing the things you enjoy. You just need to get over the hump and decide what your free time is worth to you."
    Buffie S., Los Gatos
  • "I used Quicksilver Concierge twice during 2004, both times I was very pleased and received good value for the cost. The service was timely, prompt and efficient. One time, I used the service as a combination of running some errands and taking my car to get it detailed. The other time, was to be an extra set of hands at a party we were giving at home....all went very smoothly and we will definitely use this service again."
    Barbara B., Menlo Park
  • "Ellen... I want to thank you for bailing me out. I had 15 people to feed and entertain and 3 days to arrange it. Not only were your services reasonably priced but I was quite impressed how quickly you helped...and the recommendation was terrific. I will be back.
    Barry L. Cliff
    AFC Asset Management Services, Inc.
    Silver Spring, MD
  • "I just wanted to say thanks so much for going out of your way for me. I know I was asking you for a service that was "out of the box" and I was pleased to know that you were willing to look at my special need. Not only was I impressed with your willingness, I was thrilled with the confidence you showed and your ability to achieve the task both quickly and efficiently. I also appreciated you driving across town to gather the information needed to do the work. I am excited to have a business contact like yourself. I will gladly encourage my friends and acquaintances to utilize your service and will be able to tell them with confidence, that you are both intelligent and extremely creative."
    Thanks again,
    Kristen W., San Jose
  • "I found Quicksilver Concierge very useful for myself and for my own business. Being a business owner I simply don't have enough time in my day to balance all business activities as well as manage my own personal life. I called upon QCS to take care of some of my businesses "busy" work to help prepare my business (USFP) for an upcoming tradeshow event. The service was absolutely amazing! QCS was very professional, dependable, and accomplished all the tasks I asked. I couldn't be happier with QCS and I look forward to throwing more business their way. QCS does what they state; because of their service I was able to reclaim more of my own leisure time and spend more time doing what I love to do... for myself.
    Richard Reed
    US Fitness Pros, San Jose
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