Quicksilver Concierge and Errand Service

Quicksilver Concierge and Errand Service (QCS) is a comprehensive service helping busy people manage their lives more effectively. By blending the services of a celebrity personal assistant with those of a traditional hotel-based concierge, we allow you to achieve balance in all areas. QCS offers you one of the most valuable things in the world: time. More time for you to do what you wish–to spend with your family, at the gym, on vacation, or simply relaxing. Contact us today and discover how we can help you reclaim your leisure time and rebalance your life.
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"Ellen... I want to thank you for bailing me out. I had 15 people to feed and entertain and 3 days to arrange it. Not only were your services reasonably priced but I was quite impressed how quickly you helped...and the recommendation was terrific. I will be back."
Barry L. Cliff
AFC Asset Management Services, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD

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